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Akertino merges logistics and e-commerce advancements with Ticino and Kerala regions. It has a 25-year expertise in logistics and e-commerce and operates from locations in Ticino (Mendrisio) and Kerala (Palakkad). The company begins with a limited fleet of E-Bikes and services in the region.


Experience Ticino in a whole new way with a top-performing E-Bike rental from us!

We are advocates for innovative disruption in the logistics industry through digitization. The current transportation system with combustion engines and the global supply chain need to evolve with inventive regional logistics solutions. Our core strength lies in establishing and providing local logistics solutions for Ticino and customers crossing borders from and to Italy.

Spend a day of fun and adventure at Monte Generoso - 24 hours of excitement! A deposit of 200 CHF and a valid identification document are required.

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Innovative E-Commerce Logistics Solutions

Our startup in Mendrisio combines innovative design and business strategies with the goal of creating sustainable, eco-friendly pick-up and delivery services. Our E-Bike fleet provides on-demand transportation from A to B and we also offer E-Bike rental services. Our standard pick-up and delivery service covers the Como, Mendrisio, and Lugano areas.

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Aura BrooksTraveller

I recently rented an e-bike from this company and was blown away by the entire experience. From the smooth booking process to the well-maintained bikes, everything was top-notch. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful in answering any questions I had.

Eve CrawfordProfessional Biker

The e-bike was a game-changer and made my ride so much more enjoyable. I highly recommend this e-bike rental to anyone looking for a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Thank you for an amazing experience!

Jack GrahamBusinessman

I was hesitant to try an e-bike for the first time but this rental company made the process seamless. The staff was knowledgeable and provided a thorough orientation on how to use the bike.

Zak ReidTraveller/ Coach

I had a fantastic time riding around the city and felt empowered with the added electric assist. I would definitely recommend this e-bike rental to anyone looking for an adventure and a new way to see the city. Thank you!

Jennifer SmithInstructor

I had an amazing time using the e-bike rental service offered by this company. The bikes were in excellent condition and provided a fun and efficient way to explore the city.

Michael JohnsonTraveller

The staff was friendly and made the process of renting a bike simple and hassle-free. I will definitely be using this service again and recommending it to friends and family. Thank you for a memorable experience!

Commitment to Sustainable Logistics

At Akertino, we seamlessly merge advancements in logistics and e-commerce with two distinct regions - Ticino and Kerala. Our company is rooted in 25 years of experience in the fields of logistics and e-commerce, and is strategically located in both Mendrisio, Ticino and Palakkad, Kerala. We begin with a modest fleet of E-Bikes and Services in the respective regions.

Dietmar JobstCEO - Founder of AKERTINO

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